Moissanite Cuban Link Chains

Men's moissanite cuban link chains, made with 925 sterling silver, real 14K gold and VVS moissanite diamonds.
moissanite cuban link chain 14k white gold

Looking for The Perfect Moissanite Cuban Link Chain?

Look no further! Since 2019, IceATL has been the go-to jeweler for moissanite cuban link chains in Atlanta, Georgia.

Our expert team of jewelers can also customize Your moissanite cuban link chain in any way, such as adding a custom engraving on the box clasp.

moissanite cuban chains

Our Moissanite Cuban Chains Pass The Diamond Tester Every Time

Our moissanite cuban chains will pass the diamond tester every time. This is because moissanite diamonds conduct heat and electricity in a similar manner as to natural diamonds, which is why all IceATL moissanite cuban chains will always pass the diamond tester.

moissanite diamond cuban link chain

Our Moissanite Diamond Cuban Link Chain Will Never Break

Each IceATL moissanite diamond cuban link chain features a highly-durable box clasp made entirely from 925 sterling silver to ensure your miami cuban necklace will never break or fall off, even when you are performing on stage.

vvs moissanite cuban chain

Lifetime Guarantee for Every VVS Moissanite Cuban Chain

  • All IceATL VVS moissanite cuban chains come with a lifetime guarantee. Should your cuban chain damage, fade, or break during normal wear, You are entitled to a one-time replacement of the piece - free of charge.
925 silver moissanite cuban link chain

The Heaviest 925 Silver Moissanite Cuban Link Chain

All IceATL 925 silver moissanite cuban link chains are made with a solid base of 925 sterling silver that is then electroplated plated with a thick layer of 14K Gold Vermeil, available in white gold, rose gold and yellow gold.

Every moissanite cuban chain is then flooded with hundreds of colorless VVS Moissanite flawless diamonds.

Thanks to our meticulous in-house manufacturing process, we are able to produce the heaviest 925 silver moissanite miami cuban chains not offered by our competitors.