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Jewelry Care

To prevent Your jewelry from tarnishing, fading or scratching, we advise You to take good care of Your jewelry and polish your items regularly.

Below is a short checklist of practices You can follow to help maintain Your jewelry in good condition.

How to Prevent Damage to Moissanite Jewelry?

  • Avoid wearing moissanite jewelry when sweating or working out. Salt can damage 14K gold.
  • Avoid exposure to chemicals, salt water, or chlorine water.
  • Clean Your jewelry regularly using a brand new soft cloth
  • Never use sharp objects to remove dust or dirt from jewelry. Always use a soft cloth.
  • Store Your jewelry inside a specially designer Leather Jewelry Case to protect from damage & light exposure. 

How to Prevent Your Moissanite Jewelry from Tarnishing?

  • Maintain good overall hygiene
  • Make it a habit to shower before wearing jewelry
  • Only wear diamond jewelry on top of clean clothing
  • Never wear more than one items of jewelry at once, since this can cause the jewelry to scratch and damage.
  • Sterling silver corrosion is caused from exposure to chemicals or gasses. To prevent Your sterling silver jewelry from tarnishing or fading, it is recommended to safekeep Your jewelry inside IceATL Leather Custom Jewelry Case.

If you wish to clean or polish Your moissanite jewelry professionally, please contact our team at