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14k white gold moissanite dog tag pendant 925 sterling silver front
14k white gold moissanite dog tag pendant 925 sterling silver back
14k white gold moissanite dog tag pendant 925 sterling silver
4.3 out of 5

Moissanite Dog Tag Pendant 14K White Gold

$446.00 $557.69
Color - White Gold
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Item Details

This men's Moissanite Jesus Pendant is made with a solid base of 925 sterling silver and iced out with round cut, D-color VVS moissanite diamonds, all of which are placed in a pave setting.

This vvs moissanite pendant measures exactly 25.73*39.51 millimeters (excluding 10mm bail) in size, and weighs a total of 15.5 grams. The 925 silver base is electroplated with a thick layer of 14k gold vermeil, available in white gold.

This moissanite hip hop pendant is manufactured in the highest quality to IceATL standards. All moissanite jewelry ships free with insured delivery, guaranteed to your door.

We can customize this moissanite diamond pendant any way You want. If you wish to add a custom engraving on the back of this pendant, or customize the size of the bail, please click "ADD INSTRUCTIONS FOR SELLER" after adding this item cart and enter Your custom request.

  • Passes Diamond Tester!
    • Official GRA Moissanite Report Included
    • In stock! Ships today.
    • Size: 25.73*39.51 millimeters (excluding 10mm bail)
    • Weight: 15.5g
    • Shipping Time: 4 Business Days
  • Package Includes: Moissanite Dog Tag Pendant 14K White Gold, GRA Certificate, IceATL Leather Custom Jewelry Case
If you wish to purchase this pendant with a different size bail (regular is 10mm), please specify so by clicking on "ADD INSTRUCTIONS FOR SELLER" after adding this item to cart.
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  • Made with a base of 925 silver & plated with real 14K gold
  • Passes diamond tester
  • Does not fade or tarnish
  • Shines 2X better than diamonds
  • Includes GRA Certificate
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Traditional Moissanite has tiny flaws that make it lose its shine and turn cloudy within 6 months.

That's why we developed the world-first Internally Flawless (IF) Moissanite which is 100% chemically pure and shines even brighter than regular moissanite.


Flex your hard-earned success through our one-of-a-kind IF Moissanite, a symbol of your hard work and hustle.


Instantly make your fit stand out with world’s only IF Moissanite. The confidence hits different when you know you look good.

Frequently asked questions

Why is IceATL better than other jewelry brands?

IceATL has been the go-to jeweler for celebrities, athletes and artists in Atlanta since 2019. Here are a few reasons why we're better than other jewelers in ATL :

1) We use Internally Flawless Moissanite. Traditional Moissanite has tiny flaws that make it lose its shine and turn cloudy within 6 months.

That's why we developed the world-first Internally Flawless (IF) Moissanite which is 100% chemically pure and shines even better than regular moissanite. We are currently the only jewelers in the industry to offer this rare diamond.

2) PVD Plating

We're the only moissanite jewelers to use PVD plating. PVD plating allows us to add an extra protective layer on top of our jewelry, to protect it against tarnishing and fading. Other jewelry brands do not have access to PVD plating because the required equipment costs over $1M to purchase and requires an experienced operator.

3) 4 Day Shipping & Stock in the USA

We have the largest selection of in-stock moissanite jewelry in the USA, which allows us to offer 4 day shipping and delivery by UPS, Fedex and DHL.

4) 100% Buyer Protection & IceATL Guarantee

If your order arrives incorrect or damaged, we'll repair it for free or you can send it back to us for a refund. There's no risk.

Does moissanite pass the diamond tester?

Yes. All IceATL jewelry passes the diamond tester. This is because moissanite and diamonds have identical conductive properties, and that's what diamond testers rely on to determine the result.

Can I wear my jewelry to the gym or in the pool?

Yes, all our jewelry is 100% sweat- and waterproof. You can wear it to the gym and in the pool - it will never tarnish or fade.

What materials do you use?

This item is made with a base of 925 silver that's plated with 14K gold. On top of regular plating, we're one of the few jewelers to also use PVD plating, which protects against tarnishing and fading.

For solid gold or natural diamond jewelry, please contact us on Instagram!

How can I buy custom jewelry?

To inquire about custom jewelry, please contact us or submit our free custom jewelry quote form.

DM @iceatlcom on Instagram

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Email us at support@iceatl.comw

Do you offer financing?

Yes. We've partnered with Affirm to offer monthly payments for up to 36 months without any interest or fees.

See if youqualify for financing!

Does moissanite get cloudy over time?

No. We make jewelry using internally flawless moissanite. Unlike regular moissanite, it will never turn cloudy or lose its shine.

Do you have a physical store?

Our ATL Showroom is appointment only and by minimum budget of $100k per client. Contact us to visit!

What is the shipping time?

For in stock items, the delivery time is 4 business days. For made-to-order items and custom pendants, the manufacturing time is 1-3 weeks, and the delivery time is 4 business days.

You will receive an email with a tracking number as soon as your order has been shipped.