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Does Moissanite pass a diamond tester?: A Detailed Guide

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Table of Contents

  • Why Should You use Moissanite Jewelry as an Alternative to VVS1 Diamonds?
  • Does Moissanite Pass a Diamond Tester?
  • Why is Moissanite so cheap?
  • Will Moissanite last forever?
  • Is Moissanite tacky?
  • How do diamond testers work?
  • Are Diamond Testers accurate?
  • Is Moissanite a fake diamond?
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Final Words

Moissanite has become a popular choice over diamonds in recent years. However, its actual history is much older than that, being discovered over 120 years ago. It's both naturally occurring in nature and can be grown in a lab. It is a silicon carbide and is also extremely rare. It's commonly compared to diamonds, so many ask if Moissanite can pass a diamond tester. The rarity comes from the fact that it’s most commonly found in meteorites. With that said, it's still simple and easy to produce the same sparkling quality moissanite. 

Its beauty and durability are akin to diamonds, making them more popular as an alternative to VVS1 Diamonds. VVS1 Diamonds are nearly flawless and have inclusions that are extremely difficult to see with the naked eye. However, they still fetch a high price, and thus considering Moissanite for artists and jewelers alike is a solid choice. 

Why Should You Use Moissanite Jewelry as an Alternative to VVS1 Diamonds?  

Whether you're looking for a men's style Moissanite chain or a moissanite pendant necklace, they will be a much better option for several reasons. The first area where Moissanite wins this discussion comes down to pricing. Moissanite isn’t cheap per se, but compared to diamonds, they will come in at a huge cost saving. A comparative way of looking at it is at the 5mm mark, where a Moissanite piece will run you around $500, and a diamond will do that at $1,000. Yet don’t think that it’s simply half, as Moissanite goes up slower than diamonds do in price, which can go up exponentially

If you've ever seen Moissanite, maybe on a Moissanite tennis chain or a Moissanite Cuban link chain, it will catch your eye. That’s because the brilliance level of Moissanite is higher than a diamond. In fact, it has the highest refractive index of all precious stones, going up to 2.69, versus diamonds which can go up only to 2.42. That means moissanite actually reflects and bends light more, and technically sparkles more than diamonds and other precious stones. It simply makes them reflect the light better than diamonds and can even look better.

Moissanite is extremely durable as well. They have a MOHS hardness rating of 9.25! Just to put that into perspective, a vvs1 diamond ranks at 10, and everything else ranks below 9. So that makes the durability of Moissanite almost as much as diamonds. 

Does Moissanite Pass a Diamond Tester?

So the question that is bringing everyone here is does Moissanite pass a diamond tester? In essence, the answer is yes, it does! That's because of how the testing equipment itself works and what the test is looking for. So no longer will you need to ask yourself will Moissanite pass a diamond tester, and here's why. 

Why does Moissanite pass the diamond tester?

We need to look at how a diamond tester works and what it is looking for. First, finding a moissanite diamond tester is not really in the works yet, so we will look at how a diamond test works. The primary thing these testers are looking at is the physical properties of a gemstone. That means it's looking primarily at the electrical and thermal conductivity of the test material. The diamond tester was commonly used to spot fake diamonds such as Cubic Zirconia, which have a much different thermal conductivity than diamonds. 

Yet the answer to "why does Moissanite pass a diamond tester often?" is because they have similar properties the test is looking for. So, for example, Moissanite has a slightly different heat conductivity and is a bit more conductive when it comes to electricity. Yet most common diamond testers won't be able to pick up the differences. So that's why the answer to "does moissanite pass a diamond tester?" is going to commonly be yes. 

Other tests are much more specialized that can be done to tell the difference between diamonds and Moissanite. These confirm double refractions (which show up blurred) and can also be due to the weight difference (Moissanite is lighter) between the two. 

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Why is Moissanite so cheap?

Barring any deeper looks into the diamond industry pricing, Moissanite is so cheap because of the overall acquisition costs being cheaper. There's no digging or mining that needs to be done. There's no reshaping of Moissanite needed if you're going to make a moissanite custom pendant. Nearly all of the Moissanite these days are lab grown and can be made into any necessary cut, from moissanite emerald cut to moissanite princess cut.

Will Moissanite last forever?

Moissanite will last as forever as diamonds will. This is due to their durability and being one of the strongest substances and materials on earth. In addition, it is a stable and inert product (on a molecular level), especially since its lab-grown. It may even outlast diamonds as they have a greater heat resistance than diamonds. 

Is Moissanite tacky?

This comes down to advertising and marketing campaigns. It all depends on what you value. If you’re going to value a colorless stone that tends to be made rare through machinations, then go with a diamond. If you’re looking for a jewel that is actually rarer than diamonds in its naturally occurring state since most of it comes from outer space, then consider a Moissanite. 

Not only are Moissanites not tacky, but they will also look better and be cheaper most of the time. That's because you'll be able to have more Moissanite to your specific size and requirements, not just what is available at the jewelry and have it be restricted like diamonds are. 

How do diamond testers work?

Briefly mentioned above, diamond testers are really a misnomer. They are testing how fast heat travels through a stone. They are also testing how fast electric currents are moving through a stone. They can be used for any stone and gem but are commonly used for testing authentic and natural diamonds because the conductivity of natural diamonds vs. lab-grown diamonds vs. cubic zirconia vs. other gems will all be different. 

Are Diamond Testers accurate?

Diamond testers are 100% accurate because of what they are looking to test. That is the heat and electrical conductivity of gemstones. They are looking to match the conductivity of a diamond, so they are hard to fake. Yet what happens with Moissanite is that it can seem to fool the test because of what is being tested and the close similarities between diamonds and Moissanite. It wasn't designed that way; it's simply so close to the construction of a diamond.

Is Moissanite a fake diamond?

Yes and no. Moissanite is not meant to be a fake diamond in any way. It's meant to be its own gemstone class and a lower-cost alternative to diamonds. It's more of a diamond simulant in that it has very similar properties to real diamonds and can pass off as a diamond in many cases. Also, since most Moissanite is lab-grown, that doesn't make it any fake classification. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are Moissanites just as good as diamonds? 

If you're looking for that aesthetic quality, Moissanite can be just as good as diamonds. They'll make sure to have any piece of jewelry shine with the use of Moissanite. 

  • What colors do Moissanite come in? 

Moissanite typically comes in a clear color, similar to diamonds. Also similar to diamonds, they can come in hues of yellow or brown. There's also the possibility to get them in rich brown and yellow colors, as well as green and blue, making it a versatile option for any piece of jewelry. The range of colors will only continue to expand as the popularity of the gemstone grows. 

  • How to tell if it's Moissanite vs. diamond

Unfortunately, most diamond testers will register that Moissanite you're testing is actually a diamond due to their similarities in construction. However, with that said, Moissanite tends to be lighter, so you can take a gemstone you believe is Moissanite and weigh it next to an item you know is a diamond, and you should see a difference. 

Then there's the double refraction test that can be done. Again, this will be clear on a diamond, and on a Moissanite, it will appear blurry. Otherwise, besides these two tests, your other options are purchasing from reputable dealers of either Moissanite or diamonds, depending on which gemstone you're looking for. 

  • Why choose Moissanite vs. diamond

First, you're going to save a lot of money, especially as you increase the carat size you're looking for. Moissanite is also 100% conflict free since it's made primarily in a lab. Even the naturally occurring Moissanite has no issues when it is found. Moissanite also helps by having a better sparkle and reflecting the light to show its aesthetic beauty.

Final Words

So, does Moissanite pass diamond tester equipment? It usually does, which only goes to show how amazing of a gemstone it can be. If that's your goal when getting Moissanite, then you can rest assured that without additional testing, there won't be a way to tell. To the naked eye, there's no discernable way of knowing whether it's Moissanite or a diamond. 

All you will know is that you've purchased a piece of jewelry at a fraction of the price of purchasing similar jewelry with diamonds, and there will be no way to tell otherwise. It will look like a perfect piece of jewelry that will last the test of time and can be passed down to younger generations while still maintaining its luster.