Custom Moissanite Pendants

All moissanite pendants in this collection of hip hop jewelry are custom made with a heavy 925 Sterling Silver Solid Base, and flooded with over 1000 emerald cut; baguette Moissanite gemstones.

DM us today & let’s get started on your dream piece! 💎

IceATL Expert Jewelers

IceATL works with the best moissanite diamond setters in Atlanta to ensure Your pendant has maximum shine and clarity to pass any moissanite diamond tester. Since 2021 our team of custom jewelers has worked with over 100 artists, record labels & VIP clients.

Every piece made by us has a lifetime warranty and includes SF diamond Certificate.

IceATL Custom Moissanite Chains

Shop exclusive selection of original made, high-end IceATL mens hip hop diamond chains & necklaces.